Friday, January 04, 2013

Game On!

Like clockwork, the turn of the calendar to the new year whips up the summer job seeking crowd into a mini-frenzy.  Our traffic is up.  The job postings continue to pour in.  And, we've got less than five or six months to help you fill your jobs for the 2013 summer season.
So, let's get to it, shall we?

Here is a quick summary of our posting options for employers with jobs in great places (tm).

  • Build and promote a Recruiting Profile for any number of months.
  • Run a 30-day Highlighted Job for your key positions.
  • Run a 7-day Help Wanted Now ad for immediate openings.
  • Feature your jobs, profile or send traffic right to your employment page with a Text Ad.
  • Spotlight your operation with a front and center Home Page Ad.

  • Take over the Header Image on the Category Page of your Choice.

Lastly, if you've got too many applications coming in and don't have a way to manage them effectively, give our Staffing Center a try.  We've been making HR folks' lives easier with this applicant tracking system for over a decade.  Get rid of the PDF and move to a true on-line application.

Got questions?  Get in touch with your Cool Works rep, give us a call at 406-848-2380 or email us for more information and to get your 2013 recruiting underway.

Happy New Year, all!  We're excited to be starting our 18th year serving you.  Thanks for supporting us over the years!

Game on!

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