Tuesday, October 02, 2012

2013 Summer Jobs To Do List

It may seem a bit early to be talking about summer jobs for the summer of 2013, considering that summer of 2012 just ended, but in all honesty, the time is now.  Job seekers, having just finished their summer jobs, may be anxious to start another and they'll be checking out the profiles on Cool Works to find their next gig.  Nothing is worse than heading to a website to find the season dates are WAY in the past or the deadlines for applications took place six months ago.  It's almost as bad as continuing to using the font Comic Sans. ;-)  The web is meant to be dynamic and updated regularly. 

 So, with that in mind, here's your to do list.
  1. Make sure that your website's employment pages reflect the current or upcoming season.  Here's a wonderful example of doing just that by Sanborn Western Camps.
  2. Update your profile on CoolWorks.com.  Use our update form or contact your CW rep.
    • Get your 2013 season dates added. 
    • Update the cost and type of housing / meal plan offered.
    •  Send us new photos!
  3.  Thank your 2012 staff for a job well done and communicate your future hiring schedule to them via email or your Facebook page.  Keep the stars coming back!
If you want to change up your strategy for 2013, please get in touch with one of us from the Cool Works Team.  We're here to help.  We have lots of recruiting options and we've got decades of recruiting experience behind our services.  We'll take care of you.