Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Making Sense of Summer Work Visas For Foreigners

PBS NewHour recently did a piece about J-1 Visas.  For anyone wanting to learn about the multiple ways to view this program, why it exists and whether it's a good thing or taking away jobs from Americans, you may want to watch this informative ten-minute video. 

We do our best at Cool Works to explain working in the United States on the following page of our site. 

Cool Works does not offer any employment opportunities.  We serve as an advertising medium for our clients - and the clients are responsible for hiring their staffs.

If you are a STUDENT and you have a summer holiday, you will need to contact a reputable J-1 Visa Sponsor to apply for the summer Work And Travel Program.  Click on their web sites to check for designated representatives in your home country.  

It is nearly impossible to secure a Visa to work in the United States without the help of a reputable agency.
We at Cool Works believe in the transformational changes seasonal jobs can have and we wish the best of luck to all job seekers, American or otherwise.

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