Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Week of Cool Works Milestones

Three quarters of the time, there are only 365 dates in the year, and we've got to fit our lives' events onto just those dates.  This week has marked a few for our team, mostly personal events, but they all mingle within our mighty but wee team of five.

We lost a CW pup this week, Patty's dog, Indigo or Indy for short.  Indy was a fixture at the Web Shack for the last nine and a half years.  Patty made some statement this week about what that dog has seen happen in her life over those nine plus years, and how he was just there as a solid companion who didn't judge, but instead loved unconditionally.  Don't we all want friends like that!  Anyhow, rest in peace, Indy.  We will miss you!
Eric is celebrating his nineteenth wedding anniversary today.  Congrats to E and R!

Bill is in China this week with his wife, her twin, and their two nieces who were both born in China, and shortly thereafter, were adopted and came to the U.S.  Their stories are incredible, and now, approximately a decade and a half later, they have gone back to see where they came from.  I can only begin to imagine how emotional and powerful a trip like that must be for all of them, and we wish them well.

Kathi is playing / working in Colorado this week with her now fourteen year old pup, Pete the Wonderdog.

And, me, well I'm doing my thing up in Bellingham.  This week I recalled that it was eleven years ago that I moved from Gray Line of Alaska (Holland America) to Princess Tours (The Love Boat).  Now, these two companies operate as one called Holland America / Princess -  Alaska.  Time sure does fly.

I hope that whatever your milestones are this week, you can be thankful that they happened, and you are able to add some more to your personal history book.

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