Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Helping Teens Find Jobs (& The Rest of the Population)

Cool Works was featured this morning on the Today Show in a piece about finding jobs for teens with Jean Chatzky and Matt Lauer. I think we've all heard the stats that jobs for teenagers are hard to come by and that only 1 in 4 are expected to find work this summer. When I was a teen, I certainly worked the connections made through my dad and believe in "it's who you know," but I do agree with Jean's point that the connections may get teens in the door, but not necessarily the job.

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They do talk about it not being too late in June to find a job, and really it's not. Check out our Help Wanted Now and Highlighted Jobs pages for evidence of that. However, for future summers, our experience is that employers post the bulk of their jobs in the late fall and early winter so it can definitely be advantageous to be the early bird.

They also talk about the job seeker's presentation from Facebook to physical appearance as being important for helping to get the jobs.

Good luck out there! And, as always, get in touch if you need help finding or posting a job.