Friday, February 11, 2011

Food for Thought

With all sorts of things going on ..... in life, in HR, in the world, on your desk ..... there's an odd analogy to GORP running through my head. No surprise that a recent journey through a recipe book from Camp Denali and the North Face Lodge in Alaska exposed this beauty ....
1 C Toasted Hazelnuts
1 C Toasted Peanuts
1 C Toasted Almonds
1/2 C Toasted Walnuts
1/2 C Dry Roasted Sunflower Seeds
1 C Unsweetened Flaked Coconut
2 C Raisins
1 C Date pieces
1 C Dried Papaya Pieces
1 C Banana Chips
4 C M&M's
GORP - def. "good old raisins and peanuts", or "granola, oatmeal, raisins and peanuts", or perhaps meaning "to devour".
Whatever GORP has going for it, whatever the word actually means, the fun is in the mix. So it is with your Team Members - your Staff - your Employees. A little of this, a little more of that, a pinch of something else. (Wait, sorry - no pinching allowed.)
Have you embraced the differences which make your staff come alive? The world, your world, wouldn't function quite as effectively if everyone were cut from the same mold. Even if you dress them alike in uniforms and demand consistency in training, in procedures and in expectations, the subtle nuances of personality will shine through. We each learn differently, we retain differently, we react differently, we sparkle differently. Chances area, that's quite alright. Your guests differ from one to another, and their needs and wants will be a crazy mix as well. Kinda nutty, kinda sweet, kinda crunchy. Colorful. Unique.
Best wishes as you recruit, select, engage and welcome your staff for this season. May it be a magical combination.
More food for thought ..... coming soon.


franklin said...

Good stuff, I spent a season as a Dinner Chef and have my fair share it.

Lavanya said...

Good post. I agree that an organization cannot function having people coming from same mold. Your example with food for recruiting is fresh.