Friday, February 11, 2011

Be Contactable

You never know from where writing inspiration will strike. Today it came in the form of a phone call from a guest who wished to pay for her stay at a concessionaire in a national park. She claimed that no one answered the phone, and with Google at her finger tips, she found my phone number as a contact tied to this employer.

Okay, I'm a web user just as much or maybe more (being honest) than many of our readers and my goals on the web are simple.

  • I want to find out the information I need about whatever.
  • I want to pay for things securely when I do shop on-line.
  • I want to be able to contact the entity easily and have my inquiry responded to quickly.
  • And, certainly, as someone who really does sales for a living, although I dislike admitting that, I want to be paid when a service has been provided.
In this case it seems, that this entity probably would like payment, but what they have now is a frustrated customer who hasn't even stayed there yet. Not the best way to start off a relationship.

So two reflections from this.

One, in employment, it is crucial that your organization be approachable, reachable, and contactable. If a job seeker has a question, make it easy for them to get the answer. Based on the remoteness of some of our clients' locations, it is especially important that those who elect to work for them feel comfortable about that relationship. Remember, it's as simple as feeling cared for.

Two, take advantage of Google. People these days are more likely to Google or Bing your company name versus knowing your actual website address. If your organization has not taken the time to build up your web presence, your job seekers, guests, and customers can't find you or will call whoever might answer the phone. In this case, that person was me. And frankly, I have nothing to do with reservations to stay in a national park, but being customer service focused, I attempted to get this woman to the right person. Take control of your own business. Don't leave it up to chance or a fancy algorithm that sets your fate.

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