Monday, August 02, 2010

No Punk Rock HR?


Because I haven't seen my friend Laurie Ruettimann in way too long, I have to keep up with her via Facebook, Twitter and her blog. Today I got the news via the e-newsletter that Punk Rock HR is done, well, at least Laurie won't be at the helm. will continue to own it and perhaps post to it. Laurie, however, is going to be busy with our common friend, Mark Stelzner and his wife, Yasha, and their new company New Media Services LLC, which will bring conferences to life via, you guessed it, new media.

I want to wish the best to Laurie. Her blog inspires me to post, as well as have opinions about HR stuff and how I wish the world would be. I think that her new venture will only make the HR community stronger and it will help shine a light on others with strong opinions who are getting the HR job done across the country.

Kari and Laurie at the 2008 Kennedy Conference in Orlando, Florida

If you want to keep up with Laurie's cats, and posts about her life and bacon, you can follow her on her new / old blog, The Cynical Girl.

"Onward and upward" as Mark Stelzner says. Hear, hear!