Thursday, April 29, 2010

Closing Remarks from Facebook f8 Conference

Watch live streaming video from f8conference at
The real meat of these remarks begins when Chris Cox takes the stage at 5:45. Worth a watch.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Flat Stanley Visits Yellowstone

Bill, founder of, had a bit of fun this week playing in Yellowstone National Park with a family friend's Flat Stanley. Perhaps you could use this idea to not only get your employees out and about, but also engaged in the park / great place they're working.
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These photographs even stirred a whole bunch of comments on our social network about why they want Flat Stanley's job. Love it.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Ignore Facebook

Anyone who has ever heard me speak at a SHRA conference would say that I've been a proponent of Facebook since I could join it in 2007. What once was the online yearbook for one college has turned into a 400 million user population, which is 100 million more people than there are in the United States. Facebook is bigger than the US.

W O W!

Today Facebook is holding its, I think, 3rd #f8 conference down in San Francisco. Today they launched what they call "Open Graph." In short hand, this is a way for them to link everything on the web, make it personal to you, and in my mind, start the official takeover of the world. All you do is like stuff and Facebook does the rest.

Do you Facebook yet? More importantly, does your company Facebook yet? Are you leveraging the power of those 400 million people?

Cool Works does and here's how we do it.

  • We have individuals and companies "like" us on our fan page . Anyone reading this should go do that right now! : )
  • We add employers who have pages on Facebook to our Favorites list. We would love for all of the employers who use for their summer job advertising to like us and Add to their Page's Favorites List. We'll be happy to reciprocate.
  • We post all active jobs and profiles to our Facebook page.
  • We have a Facebook widget on our social network, My CoolWorks.
  • We link to our Facebook fan page from our main website,

Together, we can use this power to our advantage. I'll keep following this story, and report what I can about what we should be doing to leverage Facebook. They are certainly leveraging us.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Top 50 HR Blogs

And yes, you're reading one of them right now. I'm proud to be recognized with so many of my favorite HR blogs. It's a really treat. See the rest and congratulate the other HR bloggers for being so cool.

Top 50 Human Resources Blogs
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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Stay Interviews

I like this concept. I have always thought that the exit interview, while worthwhile for some information, is really a little too late. The decision about the company, either positive or negative, by the employee has already been made, and well, obviously, the person is walking out of the door. It seems to me that the best time to get information from your employees or tell them that you "love them" is while they're still under your roof.

Check out this article on the Talent Management website called "Prevent Exit Interviews." And, if you're interested in more interesting articles like this, sign up for the SmartBrief on Workforce edited by none other than Mary Ellen Slayter.

With the economy recovering, in order for you to retain your best talent, now may be a good time to "buddy check" with them to see if they really are happy working for you. And if they're not, why not? What changes could you make to persuade them to stay? Like they say in the article, be forthright about asking what could entice them away and be prepared to look into what you could do to keep them working for you.