Thursday, January 28, 2010

All That Potential

Cool Works is HOPPING! Lots of employers have returned for the summer jobs season 2010. Our traffic is up. The enthusiasm is pulsing through our Cool Works branded social network. Job offers have been made and accepted already. Plans are taking shape. Dreams are coming true.

Are you taking advantage of this? Ready to jump in? We're here to help! : )

First off, if you're new to Cool Works, please sign up to be a recruiter on our site.

Second, have us build a profile for your organization (camp, resort, ranch, ski resort, etc.) that you can be proud of, which highlights your entire operation and all of your jobs. We also include a map of where you are, your housing, things your employees can do for fun while there, and more.

Third, highlight jobs available now or others available this summer, be they career or seasonal professional or entry level positions.

Fourth, need more attention beyond the items above? Ask us about running banner ads on our site including text or graphic ads. We'll listen to your needs and customize a campaign for your summer jobs.

Fifth, if you need a way to manage your applications, we can help with that too. Cool Works has its own applicant tracking system called Staffing Center that was built with seasonal employers in mind. It can be used by any company, but it has the capability to help you plan for your season by plotting dates for arrivals and departures. We've been in your shoes with the piles of paper applications, full email in-boxes, and confusion as to who has talked to whom. Let us help you get organized and also gain more applicants who are more willing to complete their applications on-line. Learn more about Staffing Center.

Lastly, follow us on twitter or fan us on Facebook to see who is advertising right now. We are definitely taking advantage of the ever growing power of social media and you can be a part of it if you advertise on Cool Works.

We're here to help. Are you taking advantage of all that potential?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Your Job is Tough (And Funny)

Watching The Office tonight I was reminded of the strange things that HR folks need to deal with, the serious, the not-so-serious, and the what?!? Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the episode. Life is to be enjoyed, and, the idiom of "Don't take life so seriously" comes to mind.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Respond to Your Applicants

That is all.

Okay, a little more. ; )

In the seasonal world, the turn of the calendar from December to January acts as the green light of a NASCAR race. Everyone truly interested in working summer jobs in great places gets on-line and starts applying. As employers, it's both a wonderful time and a stressful time as your in-box just tripled in size. I say embrace it and work the applications to the best of your ability.

I've written about this before, several times actually, and my hope is always the same.

All applicants that take the time to fill out your application get the respect they deserve. They get thanked for their time and their interest and they get a response.

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If you need a better way to manage your incoming job applications, ask me or anyone on the Cool Works team about our seasonal focused applicant tracking system called Staffing Center. We've been helping employers get control of their seasonal hiring process since 2001.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

HR Carnival - Thoughts for 2010

Bill Boorman may just rule the world someday. He has taken it upon himself to publish 10 vlogs a day until they stop flowing in, which at this rate may be just be June. ; ) His video HR Carnival is a hit, and I'm happy that I am, and especially our job board, Cool Works, and our seasonally focused social network, My Cool Works, are featured in the third edition. It's awesome to see so many familiar faces give their one minute insights about 2010 and talk about a creative group of people! We rock! I'm also finding it really interesting to hear the voices of many other HR and recruiting people from all over the world who I know only by their twitter handles. And, as Bill pointed out in his post for #HRCarnival Day 3, having the vlogs be just a minute gives them the feeling of a succinct 140-character post on twitter that originally we thought wouldn't be possible. Look how far we've come.

I hope you take the time to watch the videos, get to know your fellow HR and Recruiting colleagues and submit your own. Cheers to all and thanks again Bill!

Here are all of the #HRCarnivals posted as of January 2, 2010: