Saturday, January 19, 2008

Are You Courteous?

"There is nothing that costs so little and goes so far as courtesy."

I keep a quote book and this quote above is a keeper. My reason for sharing it now is simple. Now is the time when people really start to look for summer jobs. These people have high hopes of getting their dream jobs, meeting new friends, seeing new places, you name it, they're dreaming it. Nothing can dash job seekers' hope so much as "crickets." I'm talking about putting out the effort to learn about an employer, completing the application, submitting references, jumping through endless hoops and then hear NOTHING! Even an automated response is better than nothing, but what happened to common courtesy in this exchange. Has the web made us so ambivalent that we don't care anymore? I hope not.

I hearken back to one of my first posts after I joined Cool Works last spring - "Applicants are people too." Behind every completed form and electronic signature is a person; a living, breathing person. Are they not as worthy of time as you?

It is simple.
  • Acknowledge the effort.
  • Thank them for applying.
  • Try to make it work. If it does, GREAT! If it doesn't, be nice about it.
  • Be courteous.
Because really, isn't that what you would expect if you were the applicant?