Monday, October 15, 2007

73 Percent

More and more folks are using the Internet to find jobs according to a survey by The Conference Board. Of course this is something that we like to hear at Cool Works (tm) and we know it to be true because our clients find some great folks by using our website.

To read more about the The Conference Board's research, click here.

Currently on Cool Works (tm), the ski resort jobs are leading the charge paired with seasonal jobs in sunny climes like Florida. But, sooner that we all expect, summer jobs will be back again. Heck, we're half way to Halloween already. Where does the time go?

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Charles DeGaulle vs Your Employment Page

Just last week I returned from an 11-day trip to Europe which included 2 mind-numbing visits to the Charles DeGaulle Airport, where my husband and I felt like spinning tops. Now to be fair to CDG they are in the midst of some big renovation projects, but WOW was it ever confusing. We did successfully make it to Munich for Oktoberfest and got a few "prosts" in before we ventured back through CDG on the way home, but, boy did we ever feel exhausted and worn out by the travel experience.

Now think about your recruiting process and particularly your website. Do you do this to your prospective job applicants? Do they feel worn out and drained by simply attempting to find the employment section on your website? What about the application itself? How many unnecessary hoops must they jump through to apply?

In the web recruiting world there are two main things to remember. 1) Clicks are sacred. 2) Applicants should be even more sacred.

You want the best candidates? Who doesn't? To help get them, ponder this list when you design or renovate your recruiting process.

  • Make it only one-click to your employment section.
  • Get an on-line application.
  • Acknowledge new applications quickly - say thanks for applying!
  • Communicate constantly.
  • Anticipate questions.
  • Use the Golden Rule - treat your applicants as you would like to be treated.

Don't wear out your applicants' patience when they are simply trying to learn more about your organization. Frankly, if they have made it to your website, you should treat them like a honored guest. Because honestly, if it was you, and you didn't feel welcome, wouldn't you go find another place to be?